Soviet Souvenirs Concert Poster1.png

From childhood tunes to unforgettable pop hits, life in the Soviet Union was marked by songs that survived through years and generations. Songs from the Great Patriotic War will also be featured to commemorate the 9th of May, also known as Victory Day.

Presented by The Tango Sextet and Friends, the concert will be performed with singers Alexandra Novicova, Leslie Tay and Oleg Karezin. Click here to purchase tickets.


Jeremy Lim -
Potpourri of Children's Songs by Vladimir Shainsky
Sergey Nikitin - I Mold from Plasticine
Igor Tsvetkov - Cinderella
Eduard Kolmanovsky - Love (You Tell Me About Love)
Jerzy Petersburski - Wearied Sun
Alexandra Pakhmutova - Goodbye Moscow
Sergey Nikitin - Alexandra
Alexandra Pakhmutova - Hope
Evgeniy Ptichkin - Love's Echo
Jeremy Lim - Soviet Souvenirs


Alexander Alexandrov - The Sacred War
Basil Agapkin - Farewell of Slavianka
Lev Knipper - Oh Fields, My Fields
Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi - Let's Go
Modest Tabachnikov - Let's Smoke
Anatoly Novikov - Smuglianka
Matthew Blanter - In the Woods Near the Front
Nikita Bogoslovsky - Dark is the Night

Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi - Where are you My Fellow Comrade?
Yan Frenkel - Cranes
Alexandra Pakhmutova - Bow to those Great Years
David Tukhmanov - Victory Day

This concert is generously supported by The Arts Fund, the Embassy of Russia in Singapore and Russian Club Singapore.